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Breathwork & Movement Workshop

This service is not available, please contact for more information.

Sunday 26th November \ Meditative \ Restorative

  • 16 euro
  • Online Via Zoom

Service Description

1HR Online Transcendental Breathwork & Movement Workshop Join Dr of Neuroscience Cathy Scanlon and Physiotherapist Christine Gioia on Sunday 26th November for a transformational workshop of soulful selfcare that will leave you calmer, mentally cleansed and refreshed. Our hope for this special event is to bring you all a sense of deep connection to yourself, to relieve stress and to cleanse the mind ahead of the last months of the year. To start, Cathy will run us through the breathwork method, as it is a very active style of breathing, certainly unlike any breathwork you might experience in general exercise classes. Once we've all tried out the breathing style and ironed out any questions, I will lead 20 minutes of very gentle movement to prime your spine and nervous system for the breathwork meditation. Dr. Cathy Scanlon, the Breathwork Coach, will be guiding us through the second portion of the class, an active breathwork technique that will create new sensation and awareness, and a unique experience for every one of us on the mat. This style of breathwork is an active, open mouth double inhale and exhale. This style of breath is a challenging practice (hence the term 'active' breathwork) that after approximately 10 minutes takes the practitioner into a deep meditative state that can be highly cleansing and therapeutic. The practice facilitates the release of stress and tension, as well as emotions we may have been holding onto for many years. It's a highly cathartic and slightly trippy technique, which leaves us feeling lighter and often in a state of bliss and total mind clarity. Breathwork & Movement Workshop Booking information: - This workshop is free for all of my monthly subscribers which is an absolute bargain because my monthly subscription fee is only 5Eu per month. - If you're keen to drop in you can join us for a once off fee of 16Eu - Cathy will be the host of the zoom event, so you will receive the link to the workshop the night before the workshop to your email. - The workshop takes place across multiple timezones, as most of my and Cathy's subscribers are in Ireland, our marketing materials say 10am which suggests Irish time. My booking system always displays in YOUR local timezone.

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Cancellation Policy

Cancellation within 2 hours of class start time, your pass will be deducted from your account. Bookings for live classes close 30mins before class starts.

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Tweede Atjehstraat, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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