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Find exactly what movement medicine your body is craving by exploring the video catalogue. Here's where you'll discover classes, series and accountability challenges that will answer the call your body is seeking today and will support you as your needs change. Whether it be to foam roll and restore, find relief from the desk, to sweat or to build strength. You'll find it here and more.



Beginners Pilates is perfect for those who are new to contemporary Pilates, or who have not been on the mat in a while. It is not advised to attempt the series if you're recovering from specific injuries or surgery. If you struggle to complete the Beginners Series, it's highly likely that you'll need a few privates before moving forward with your journey. Sign up for the FREE Beginners Series, or dive into Desk Relief for pure movement bliss.



My Mixed Level classes are specially designed and scaled to suit all levels. Your challenge (if you're a beginner) will be to really stick to where your body feels comfortably uncomfortable. As you move on from the Beginners Series, I would choose from the 60min Mixed Level Flows, which will set the tone and build essential skills such as breath-work, lower back positioning and spinal mobility, foot health, back-bending and hip mobility. This level also houses my Foam Roll & Mobility classes as well as my popular 45min Pilates with Props series: Resistance is Futile.



Moving on to Level Two is something to be really excited about. In these series you'll find more traditional fitness style classes and series, with a physio-led Pilates edge. If you're looking for flowing classes, head to Fundamental Flows and pick from series such as Crazy about Core, Trip to Teaser, Bums n' Tums and Posture Power. Level Two also houses my Pilates 'Barre' Sculpt classes which are great for toning and conditioning the entire body (no dance experience required). My secret favourite of all of Level Two is definitely Pilates Circuit. Circuits are a great way to build true strength and functional fitness and are a staple in my training.



Welcome to some really fun, functional and challenging classes and series. Here you'll find two major categories namely: Pilates HIIT and "Train With Me". Pilates HIIT (high intensity interval training) brings you the option of 30min or 45min sweaty Pilates goodness. These classes are harder than generic HIIT classes (in my opinion) because I always emphasise technique, which is often lost in traditional fitness classes. We will use props such as weights and thera-bands. "Train With Me" is a 60min Pilates Circuit style class which comprises my own strength training. You will be exposed to handstands (optional) against the wall and creative use of the foam roller to really build endurance, power, mobility and strength.

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