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Dalkey News, Image Magazine & New Pilates Schedule

Mastering Menopause - August Print Edition of IMAGE Magazine.

Sitting here with an energetic post-HIIT Pilates glow, I am quite chuffed and very excited to let you all know that there is a feature in this month's (August) print edition of IMAGE Magazine all about one of my favourite topics regarding women's health - "Mastering Menopause". The August print edition of IMAGE is on the shelves now and is ready for you to read. I really couldn't be more humbled to be part of the menopause feature alongside so many incredible health professionals who offer great insight into this extremely important time in our lives. Thank you to Lizzie Gore Grimes for including me in the feature. Don't forget to check out my free Menopause Pilates Series on the Video Classes section of the website - each workout is no longer than 25mins and is perfect for friends or family who are entering this phase of life and need somewhere to start their menopause movement routine.


Dalkey News & Dalkey Physiotherapy & Pilates Online

I am very happy with my first ever little advert in the local Dalkey community newsletter, this was a little paid placement that I decided to embark on to promote awareness for my physiotherapy services to the Dalkey community of which I was a part for 5 wonderful years. I feel that I will always be part of this community and a part of me will always be at least a little bit Irish at heart. The monthly Dalkey newsletter is a wonderful little gem of news and human interest stories from around the local area. I received a digital copy of the newsletter which I have pasted below for you to read should you wish to. Ten points if you spot my ad!


DCC Sept. 21 Newsletter
Download PDF • 4.90MB


Updated Zoom Live Online Pilates Class Schedule from September

As you may have seen in my most recent email update, I have rejigged the class times to suit parents dropping off kids to school and tried to also include lunchtime classes for those working remotely who need a midday pick-me-up. I have reduced my class times to 30 and 20mins to reduce your 'screen-time' whilst still making sure that you feel better, have more energy, feel more supple and focussed to tackle whatever life has in store.

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