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Physio Rehab Pilates - Neck Tension Relief

As Spring begins to tempt us with hopes of sunnier days, perhaps it's time to address those little niggles in your body with online Physio Pilates ✨ ...

If you're looking for targeted, effective education and evidence based physio tips on how to manage your niggles (especially neck pain) then look no further.

Housed within the Physio Rehab section of this site, I'm hosting physio based rehab exercises, as well as pooling all relevant videos on the platform that can be related to particular joints in the body. So far I've pooled and optimised content relating to Hamstring Rehabilitation as well as the newest addition, Neck Tension Relief.

Expect this page to grow as I add new classes each month. I will be following neck tension with shoulder rehabilitation and slowing moving through into lower back rehab, hip mobility, knees and then of course feet and ankles and finally wrists and elbows.

Today, I've uploaded an important video on neck pain and neck tension relief, something I see daily in the physio practice. I've also pooled other relevant neck tension relief videos and shoulder /upper back mobility videos into this series so you can really dive deep into rehabbing and managing this area.

You may have already seen the Hamstring Rehabilitation videos previously uploaded into the physio rehab section, I've now also included into this series all other relevant videos from the platform that can enhance your hamstring mobility and recovery. Make sure to check out the page and enjoy all the videos to ensure you have happy hamstrings indeed.

As always, thanks for reading this post, if you have any requests for online rehab videos let me know by sending me and email or getting in touch on social media.

Yours in movement,

Christine xx

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