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Monthly Meetup Special Face Movement (Yoga) Workshop on 29th June

I've been dabbling in "Face Yoga" and felt a huge benefit from it, both in skin health and appearance, the overall sense of serenity is a fantastic bonus. Luckily for me, I was invited by the incredible Laura Ann Moone, a friend from my reformer teaching days at Platinum Pilates in Dublin, to join her in a few Face Movement sessions and honestly, I'm a convert, Face Movement is absolute magic and makes total sense to include in a Movement practice.

Laura Ann, who will lead this Meetup session, has studied the intricacies and anatomy of the face and studied Face Movement, not to mention she is an OG Pilates teacher of the highest quality.

We want to share the magic of Face Movement with you this month as part of my offering to my subscribers.

Join the June meetup and enjoy an incredible revitalising Face Movement Workshop lead by Laura Ann Moone.

The meetup is happening on June 29th in the morning (local times may differ due to online hosting). The booking system always displays in your local time.

The session is free for subscribers and €10 for non subscribers who want to join for the session. It will be hosted online. Links will be sent before the meeting to your email address.

Face "yoga" or Face movement is a hot topic right now, and there's a reason for it. It's not just beneficial for the aesthetics of your visage but for your facial muscle health and to be honest total body muscular balance.

Our face stores a lot of tension and this shows in our appearance, manifests as headaches and jaw tension and more.

Join the session to get a taste of Face Movement led by one of Irelands best Pilates Teachers:Laura Ann Moone.

See you there!

Christine & Laura Ann

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