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Desk Relief Series: Relieve Neck, Shoulder & Hip Tension in 30 minutes

Welcome to Desk Relief

Suitable for absolute beginners and advanced movers who need a gentle dose of tension relief through guided breathwork and movement. Created with care by Freedom Physio and Asylum Studios. Original moves and original music designed to take you from stressed to supple in 30 minutes. Each video focusses on release and replenishment by opening up an area of tension. Moving from the hips in video one, to the shoulders in video two and finally we will focus our ability to breathe deeply, fully and functionally in Desk Relief 3.

Desk Relief I: Release Your Hips & Lower Back

We will set up with our feet against a wall and spend a lot of time gently mobilising into our hip flexors which get super tight when we sit for long periods. We will also mobilise actively into our hamstrings and lower back with mindful breath leg gentle movement. Can't wait to see you on the mat. Bring pillows for extra relaxation and support.

Desk Relief II: Relax Your Neck and Shoulders

Take 30 minutes from your hectic day to relieve tension in the neck and shoulder area. This class is suitable for all levels, but remember, when stretching the neck area, always go gently, even if you're tempted to really push it, rather don't! This class will also focus on wrist and forearm stretches to loosen into our hands which work so hard for us every day.

Desk Relief III: Breathwork to Soften the Body & Quiet the Mind

Don't tell anyone, but this really is my favourite class ever. Breathwork has helped me improve my shoulder function and hip mobility by actively trying to improve my intra-abdominal pressure through breathing. This work is inspired by a course I completed online with Immaculate Dissection called ID1 Core Concepts. Breathwork and good abdominal pressure really can improve overall movement greatly and can release tension in the lower back, neck and other commonly tight areas. Enjoy this class and repeat it as much as you need.

As always access Desk Relief and my entire video library for only 5Eu per month (cancel any time) and move whenever, wherever as it suits you.

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