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Thursday morning online Pilates is back

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

Starting from the 24th November (next week), class will return to a Thursday morning instead of Saturdays. That means this Saturday is the last Saturday morning class. Bookings are open so make sure to book in ASAP or catch the recording as soon as class is done.

Book in for class right here:

Class as always will be 45 mins long and take place on Zoom. To book in head over to the Zoom Class link on my website:

To book in you'll need to be a Monthly All Access Subscriber for 20Eu per month or purchase a 6,50Eu drop in pass. a Zoom link will be sent out after each class to all Monthly subscribers to enjoy the recording once class is done and the recording is ready.

Find all of my pricing options below and via this link here:

Pilates changed my life and my career, I truly believe in it

As a movement teacher, I've been hooked on Pilates for over 10 years and have been teaching the Pilates method for over 8 years. It all started in Cape Town in South Africa with a super strict and wonderful Master trainer Katya Kinski, who taught me to love the subtle super challenging movements of Pilates. This is where my life changed and I discovered my purpose and passion for movement and anatomy. Seeing Pilates have a positive effect on people and especially those in chronic pain, is a deeply satisfying part of my job and makes me love what I do.

Every Class I teach follows the Pilates Principles, some movements we perform in class may not look like 'classical Pilates' but if the principles are applied, it will have the desired effect. Pilates is a great way to bring your mind and body closer into connection and to allow learning to take place on a deeper level within yourself. Before we can change our patterns, we need to be aware of them, and that's what Pilates is all about. Each week on the mat we will get to know our spine, hips, balance, strength, ability to get up and down from the floor (functionality) and our ability to breathe as we move. We will develop bone density as we weight bear into our joints and we will build mobility as we stretch and lengthen our muscles with each movement. Pilates changed my life, maybe it could be the catalyst to change yours too!

See you on the mat!

Get in touch with any questions!

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