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Why Resistance Training Rocks

Hello to you all! The kids are back at school and right on cue it seems we've launched back into summer, so I encourage you all to draw on this powerful cosmic energy, grab some weights and give my latest 3 part series Pilates With Weights a try. It has JUST gone live this morning!

Pilates With Weights is resistance training anchored in the principles of Pilates. No, this will not make you bulky, getting bulky takes a CRAZY amount of work and these classes are NOT programmed for that type of result. These classes are designed to make you strong, fit and shredded.

I honestly recommend that you try to and add in at least one of these classes each week into your regime and I can guarantee you'll feel the benefits almost instantly. If you're not sure about anything technique-wise, please send me an email and we can chat about proper technique. If you're yet to be convinced of the benefits, watch my fun little promo video below made with the help of my good friend and exercise specialist Jon Fildes (@jonfildesfitness)

Throughout the 3 part series you can expect all the staples of a proper weight training regime with proper technique for each move broken down slowly, to make is easy for you to follow. Squats, deadlifts, lunges. presses, planks and rows are all part of the programming and are delivered circuit style, which means each set of exercises is repeated 3 times for maximum effect.

Resistance training has been a total game changer for me in both my body recomposition as well as overall endurance and joint health. If I don't do these types of workouts, my niggles all start to return, which is part of the reason I wanted to share them with you. I don't lift crazy heavy weights and used 4kg's in each hand for most of these videos. You could go heavier or lighter depending on where you're at. These workouts range from 50-60 mins to give you a smidge of flexibility time wise.

Pilates With Weights can be found under Pilates Circuit training, in the Video On Demand section of the site, so if you're on any of my plans, you can access these beauts here:

Enjoy getting strong out there my peeps, and let me know in the comments below how you get on (by logging into your account you can comment and chat below!

Go for it!)

Virtual hugs,


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