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Birthday Breathwork Meditation Party

Join me on the 1st of May for my birthday online. I'm inviting you to an active meditation mini retreat featuring yours truly alongside the phenomenal Dr. of neuroscience Cathy Scanlon - The Breathwork Coach. Book in here

This year, for my birthday I'd like to invite you all to a Breathwork meditation and mindful movement mini retreat with me (Christine) from Freedom Physio and Dr. Cathy Scanlon. I will lead you through 20 mins of gentle spine-awakening movement which will be complemented by a 40minute active Breathwork meditation which will take you on a journey from fight or flight to rest and digest. The whole event will last approximately 70mins. Book in here

My birthday meditation party is a chance to celebrate the magic of the body and mind in union, to allow us all feel renewed and revived. In that same spirit of celebration, I want to invite you to join me to raise funds for Ladles of Love - a fantastic South African charity who are not only involved in relief efforts after the tragic fire at the University of Cape Town, but have throughout the pandemic been feeding nutritious food to vulnerable people in Cape Town. Book in here

The meditation party is happening on the 1st of May at 9am (Dublin) and 10am (South Africa/ Amsterdam). It is donation based to raise funds for Ladles of Love. Book in FREE here

This special event is donation based as I am raising funds for one of my absolute favourite charities Ladles of Love, a Cape Town based initiative that are out on the streets feeding the hungry. Please click the link below to donate if you are able to and to read more about their work.

If it is within your means to do so, please consider donating to Ladles of Love here however this is not mandatory, and you can still book in to class without donating:

My hope for this birthday of mine is to bring you all a sense of deep connection to yourself and to join me on the mat in one of the most gloriously powerful methods of meditation.

What to expect on the day? I will lead 20 minutes of very gentle movement to prime your spine and nervous system for the Breathwork meditation. Dr. Cathy Scanlon, the Breathwork Coach, will be guiding us through the second portion of the class, an active Breathwork technique that will create new sensation and awareness, grounded-ness, connectedness and peace. It is always a unique experience for every one of us on the mat.

What is Breathwork? Breathwork is a deep meditative practice that facilitates the release of stress and tension, as well as emotions we may have been holding onto for many years. It's a highly cathartic and slightly trippy technique, which leaves us feeling lighter and often in a state of bliss and total mind clarity.

Research studies have reported states of mental clarity, profound relaxation and sense of well-being after just one Breathwork session. Longer term benefits of deep breathing practices have shown significant effects on the respiratory, cardiovascular, cardiorespiratory and autonomic nervous systems.

What You'll Need: You'll need a private space where you can lay down flat and stretch out to do the Breathwork. You can lay on a bed, couch, or the floor —wherever you're comfortable.

I also recommend the following:

- A camera on your device positioned so I can see your torso when you are lying down

- A blanket and pillow

Not suitable if you're pregnant / have heart complications.

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