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Coping With New Types Of Stress

Our new world may resemble the old one in many ways, but it is peppered with its own new challenges, and with new challenge comes new stress. In general I believe we're all in a period of adapting and unpacking after the collective trauma we all experienced when Covid pulled the rug out from under our feet a few months ago.

For better or for worse, the pre-Covid world was one that we had expertly adapted to. Whether or not it was sustainable, we were accustomed to its stresses, successes, hardships & challenges. To be perfectly candid, I've had an extremely stressful 3 days without wifi after lightning stuck our lines and it's brought about new feelings within me that I acknowledge to be the stress of building an online business. I'm sure over the last few months you've all had to adapt to unfamiliar scenarios where you may feel overwhelmed (feel free to share in the comment section below).

But here's the thing, even if pre-Covid life was unsustainable, more frivolous and frought with unnecessary spending, for all intents and purposes, it was, at the very least, familiar. The pathway to achieving my goals seemed clear, I had a roadmap for the next year of my life planned out, despite its often heavy toll on my wellbeing.

With that said, here are some great articles and resources I've leaned upon that can help you become more productive, realise you're not alone and also help you to identify stress and manage it in this 'new' world.

TOP TIP: "Keep your attitude in check. Above all, be creative and don't let your confined circumstances dwarf your tranquility, happiness or productivity. Your greatest power is your perspective."

TOP TIP: "Develop healthy responses.Instead of attempting to fight stress with fast food or alcohol, do your best to make healthy choices when you feel the tension rise. Exercise is a great stress-buster."

TOP TIP: This page houses a super cute pdf illustrated download with practical stress relief tips as well as an audio guide with step by step tips on how to manage stress from the WHO. Some of the tips may seem obvious, but there is a lot of solace to be found in simple solutions. I personally love their description of 'hooks' and values.

Find these subscription classes on the platform that will help to reduce stress and take you from fight or flight to rest and digest: LOGIN TO YOUR ACCOUNT TO MOVE MOVE MOVE.

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