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Free 27min Quickfire Healthy Holiday Mat Workout

Dearest subscribers, I'm sitting on a balcony in Durban, South Africa, watching the ocean as I type this to you.

As I sit here, I'm filled with gratitude for your support for me, whether you're a monthly subscriber, an Instagram follower or blog reader, it's your continued support that fires my pistons to push through and keep moving. I would like to thank you for another year of movement on the mat from my screen to yours. To say thanks to you, I've recorded my personal holiday workout to share with you, its a sequence that I've been kinda obsessed with...

Free 27min Healthy Holiday Pilates Yoga Fusion Workout

Whilst here in South Africa, I had the privelage of spending 4 days in the Kruger Park where we saw cheetah, rhino, honey badgers, lion and buffalo as well as the highly endangered ground hornbill. While my family and I were there, I recorded a 27min workout that targets bum and tummy and promotes shoulder strength and hip mobility.

I recorded the class because: it really targeted all the areas that help me feel confident, and because I have personally done it almost every day this festive season. It's quick, tough, and effective without being too much or too intense. It's great to bring mind and body into alignment when festive folly gets overwhelming.

I highly recommend this workout for some 'you' time before hitting the crowded spots or family engagements. It can be tough on the knees so make sure to pad your mat with a blanket or towel for cushioning.

You can find the recording via the link below or on my website under the Yoga heading. Strictly speaking, it's a pilates and Yoga fusion class, suitable for all bodies not just skateboarders, but it's a free offering which will always be housed in this part of the site.

As always, listen to your body, honour it and remember that movement really is medicine. I look forward to a lot more time on the mat with you in 2024.

Love always


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