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Happy International Yoga Day & Go Skateboarding Day

When I was in my teens, I dreamt of feeling what it felt like to be on a skateboard, to drop in a quarter pipe and to flow through the streets with ease, whilst the wind whipped through my t-shirt and my hair. My first yoga class, to be very honest, I didn't enjoy at all... now I'm in love.🧘‍♀️🛹

My love for skateboarding culture

I was drawn to the culture, immersed myself into punk rock music and worked weekends at the local skatepark for kicks. I bought every Blunt magazine (a local skate culture mag) and plastered my school spacecase and book covers with skaters and surfers and snowboarders. My brother and my dad further led me down the unholy path of counter culture with punk rock and metal music which created this person you know me as today.

Unfortunately though, despite my inner wishes and deep desires, I was too afraid and too intimidated to try skating back then, I really wish I had, but I was told by the mean dudes at the skate park that I would hurt myself and I was afraid of looking stupid and do be honest, my ankles were so weak back then before my Pilates days, maybe things turned out for the best the way they did. During covid, I had a moment where I decided that I'd rather hurt myself trying than not try at all, and now, 2 years later, I can ride, and do a few tricks and I've built a community and feel I've legitimised myself in ways that younger me would be proud of. I'm totally in love with skateboarding and the skate community.

Journey to yoga

I also remember my first yoga class. I was living in London and working in social media marketing and a good friend of mine who was into yoga took me to a class, which I struggled through and actually didn't enjoy at all. Fast forward 15 years and here I am a qualified yoga teacher with a deep love and hunger for all aspect of Yoga, particularly meditation, asana, and philosophy. I have found so much peace in my 15 minute daily morning practice, it's the first thing I do when I roll out of bed and it changes my entire day.

These two practices of yoga and skateboarding bring me a huge amount of joy and enhance my life beyond words. I feel the same about Pilates too. I could never choose between yoga and Pilates to be honest with you and I will never stop practicing and sprinkling Pilates strengthening into my yoga classes, because its always will be magic. But let's stick with yoga for today...

Try Free Yoga for Skateboarders (suitable for non-skater too of course!)

I'm bringing two of my great passions together. Skateboarding and Yoga with a dash of physio rehab and a sprinkle of Pilates. Why not try out some free skate physio recovery vinyasa Yoga flows that I lovingly created with the skateboarder in mind. I have quite a few 60-minute flows (which you don't have to finish all in one go) with themes to suit your needs. A 20-minute flow and a 30-minute one, too! Ask me if you're not sure if these workouts are suitable for you. I'd love to chat with you. (Suitable for non skaters, too, of course.)


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