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Posture Power & Neck Tension Release

Wednesday is my favourite day of the week because I get to teach my weekly morning mat class and move my body together with you all. This morning was no different as we worked to improve our posture with the humble theraband.

Today's class was all about Posture Power, part of my Level 2 Fundamental Flow series. In this class we moved our spine in 3D through flexion, extension and glorious rotation. We used our bands to explore resistance in rotation and incorporate our shoulders into chest opening twists.

The reason I love to teach classes like this one are because I suffer with neck pain (because of long hours sitting at the desk studying) and the best elixir for me (as well as according to scientific evidence) is thoracic rotation (trunk rotation). I ended the class with a neck release sequence that also really helps me to relieve my neck from tension using the Theraband.

Access this class on my subscription platform right now for 10Eu per month (cancel any time), or you can access to my subscription AS WELL AS my weekly live class and immediate downloadable zoom recording each week for 20EU per month (cancel any time). If you just want to join live, then book in for 6.50Eu for a drop in live class.

How do you find my newest classes like Posture Power? Find them uploaded weekly onto my homepage:

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