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Six Principles For Everything We Do

In my previous blog post I outlined what my Contemporary Pilates classes are all about and briefly touched upon the 6 Pilates principles. These principles are so important to me that I decided to make a fun little video to illustrate the importance of every principle to how we move.

The amazing thing about the 6 Pilates principles (developed by Joseph Pilates) is that they can be applied to every single movement we do as we navigate our lives. Whether you're sitting down into a chair, carrying your groceries, going down a flight of stairs, bending down to grab something out of the lowest drawer in the kitchen, or reaching up to the top of the cupboard. The 6 Pilates principles should be front and centre to a conscious life of movement.

The 6 principles of Pilates include: Breath, Centering, Flow, Concentration, Precision and Control. Without implementing these principles, there can be no Pilates. Take a look at my latest video for a fun illustration of how not to and how to implement these principles in class. Enjoy!

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