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Stoke Your Fire With New Classes & Series

Happy holidays start with happy hormones that you can create for FREE from within (thanks endocrine system!) I have three super strong new class options for you to choose from and Holiday HIIT is one of them!

Holiday HIIT 3 Day Pilates Challenge

Stoke your own fire, boost your metabolism and kick start your cardiovascular endurance with Zoom LIVE holiday HIIT at 8:30am Dublin time on the 21st, 22nd & 23rd of December. As always, live classes like this one are free with all valid pricing plans. You must book in for class to receive the Zoom link. You can book in by logging in to your account and booking via the "Book Live Zoom Classes" page. Pilates HIIT is a tough but fun L2/3 class taught by Christine (me) and my pro-skater husband Julien. It's totally cool for kids to join in and a bit of craic for the family. Class is only 30 minutes long and will be uploaded onto the HIIT Pilates page of the website if you can't make it live.

January Strong With Jon

This is the second guest teacher to grace the Freedom Physio stage. Jon Fildes is one of my favourite fitness professionals and a much trusted ex-colleague. Jon has taught me so much of what I know about strength and mobility, and helped me push past many a personal barrier. His physique speaks for itself when it comes to wellness, but more than that, he has a Masters degree in Fitness and Nutrition Science and years of personal training under his belt. Commit to joining Jon every Thursday in January for 4 weeks of fitness. Class will run on Zoom from 18:00pm- 18:45pm and can be booked as usual by logging in to your account. What better way to set your intentions for the year and start your engines with a strong bodyweight strengthening class. These classes will tone you up and get you into a strong groove for 20201. These classes are LIVE ONLY (not recorded) so catch them or you'll miss out! Check out the video below to meet Jon and hear why he loves to train!

Train With Me @ Level 3

I'd like to invite you to train with me, as I develop my own skills. These classes are my staple training regimes which I would get done at least twice per week either at home or in the gym. I would alternate between a hinge and pulling day and a squat and pushing day. These classes are great to train pushing strength upside down and legs. If the handstands are a bit scary, go for planks or inclined planks or any plank variation you're working on. So far, there are only 2 classes on the page, but expect this page to grow! All classes range from 55-60minutes and require weights, access to a wall, and a high back chair. I have also used a full length foam roller in the second class which I would recommend to purchase. If you don't have a roller, use sliders (or a household alternative) or modify as needed.

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