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4 Workout Ideas For All Lockdown Moods

Dear friends,

With the latest restrictions now firmly in place in Ireland and many stricter rules announced globally, I would like to empower you amazing humans with the tools that have helped me to stay strong and grounded both mentally and physically throughout 2020. I've designed 4 broad categories of workout combinations from the available videos on my Video On Demand platform. You get to pick the exact videos, this is simply a framework. Try and stick to 1 plan for an entire week depending on your 'mood'.

I appreciate that currently, movement might be quite low on your list of priorities, but believe me when I say that the more I read and listen to prominent global medical advice, the more I see evidence proving the necessity for us all to stay active at least twice per week to give us the best chance at attaining optimal mental and physical wellbeing. Time outdoors (daily) even for a walk around the block is also highly advisable, you don't have to walk the Camino, just get that fresh air! Finally, don't forget the Sound Escapes page brimming with original music meditations made with love especially for you.

Mood 1: Let's Go Beast Mode

To feel the fire and use this time to challenge yourself and get stronger, you'd do well to try this combination for a week (or every week). Make sure to take at least 2 rest days, fuel your body well and stay hydrated. Try to be consistent, always listen to your body, never push through pain.

Mood 2: Slow & Steady Wins The Race

A dash of softness and a splash of the burn, use this as a guideline for the optimal week's worth of lengthening and strengthening.

Mood 3: Restore & Replenish

When self-care is needed, this is the plan for you. This is more about turning inward, giving yourself time to process and meditate and allowing yourself time to restore.

4. A Modern Pilates Education

Over the last 6 months I have been refining my video classes, particularly those on the Mixed Level Flows and Fundamentals pages. My aim is to create a logical sequence of workouts that empower you with knowledge and skills. To create a place where you could start at the top of the page and work your way down, and as you go, you should be exposed to the main facets of movement, get to know your body and really fine tune your technique as you progress. Your subscription with Freedom Physio gives you access to an ever-expanding library of workouts with new classes added each week. You may not know it, but every week I upload at least 2 new workouts often to the Mixed Level Flow page and Fundamentals page of the site.

Enjoy these combinations, and feel free to leave any questions, or comments below (if you're logged into your account you can interact in the comments section of the blog).

Also, there are still 2 weeks left of Teaser Tuesday Live Zoom class, make sure to book in or catch the classes on the Fundamentals section of the site.

Virtual hugs,


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