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Teaser Tuesday 6 Week Challenge Starts Tomorrow

Dear Freedom family! Happy Monday and welcome to all the new subscribers who have joined recently (I see you).

I'd like to invite you to transform your Tuesdays & commit to 45 minutes on your mat for the next 6 weeks. This class is included in all of my subscription plans, so if you're a subscriber, book in and enjoy at no extra cost!

Don't miss the chance to build a consistent movement routine that will give you the fitness boost that you'll certainly need to stay focussed, consistent and grounded throughout the changing seasons.

Where: Zoom Live (click here to download Zoom)

Dates: Tuesday 29th Sept - Tuesday 3rd November (6 consecutive Tuesdays)

Time: 1pm Dublin & UK | 2pm South Africa & Amsterdam

Duration: 45mins

Cost: pick any of my on demand passes & book in

Bonus: all passes give you access to my on-demand video platform - so use the momentum from Tuesday to get a few more workouts in as the week goes by

Important: make sure you book in via the live classes page on my website for each week

Each class will focus on a specific critical movement principle such as pelvic stability, spinal mobility, hip mobility, shoulder stability, balance and strength. We will start each class with a brief introduction to essential anatomy and will flow into relevant movements. We will be using props (normal household items are cool too) including weights / cans of food, blocks / books or Tupperware and small soft balls / firm pillows. Please bring them along for class.

These classes are FREE for my monthly subscribers, so if you're already a monthly subscriber then high fives all round, just make sure to book in! If you're not currently a subscriber, all you'll need to do is check your schedule and buy an on demand pass to match

- €10 for one week

- €30 for one month or

- €25 (monthly rolling) - cancel any time and 7 day free trial.

How to book:

1. Sign up and create an account - via Pricing page

2. Purchase a pass and then

3. Head over to my live schedule to book into class.

You'll get access to the Zoom links in your member profile and I'll email them out as well - Just make sure you book in each week!

Bonus: With your pass you can also peruse all of my on demand content - I'd suggest getting a second or third class in every week from Stretch to HIIT.

When does it all kick off? The first class starts on Tuesday the 29th September on Zoom. Class will take place every Tuesday at 1pm GMT+1 (Irish time) and will last for 45 minutes. The last class takes place on Tuesday 3rd November.

If you miss a class, it will be uploaded onto the FUNDAMENTALS section of my on demand platform for later enjoyment.

See you on the mat <3


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