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What's Hot This Summer... (Besides You)

Classical Pilates, Hamstring Rehab, Cardio Power Challenge & Mini Yoga Flows are some of what's in store for you here at Freedom Physio.

Classical Mat Pilates Series

Live Classes & Recordings

Classical Pilates is not the typical style of Pilates that you'll encounter in a generic contemporary Pilates class.

As surprising as this may sound, the original 34 exercises developed with much strictness and precision by Joseph Pilates himself are a tough set of moves, designed to be a 'total body experience' that are not only tricky to teach but tricky to do. I felt a strong calling back to the original repertoire a few weeks ago and have embarked on a Classical Pilates journey that I'd love to invite you on. It's certain to raise your heart rate and give you insight into Classical Pilates technique that can be carried over into many other classes.

There are currently 4 classes (one uploading as I type) to get you into the groove of the original 34. Check it out and get suuuuuuper strong. Expect at least another 2 classes to join the series before it's complete, they will be taught live at lunchtime on Thursdays from 11th May. Remember, when booking your classes, the booking system will always display in your local time.

NEW Live Class Times In May

45min Live Pilates Classes will happen at lunchtime on Thursdays from 11th May

I've changed my live class times to lunchtime on Thursdays from 11th May onward so as to accommodate some of my final lectures for my last semester of my degree. With that said, I'd like to thank you immensely for being so supportive and flexible when my class times change, it's always due to circumstances beyond my control as a result of my studies. So thank you and I hope to see you live on the mat, or as always, enjoy the recording!


  • Start: Thursday 11th May

  • Time: 1pm if you're in NL or RSA, 12PM if you're in Ireland

  • Duration : 45mins

  • Intensity: Mixed Level / Level 2

  • Type: Bodyweight strength training

NEW Free Mini Active Recovery Yoga Flows

(Perfect for Skateboarders (and everyone else too)

I've had a few requests for shorter yoga flows that can be completed in under 30mins, so that's what I'm challenging myself to. do for you all, for free on the Yoga page of my website. The flows are designed to assist with active recovery specifically for skateboarders, but don't let that stop you from trying it out (even if you don't cruise on 4 wheels), each class will challenge you and invite you into yoga in an accessible way. Some. of the flows offer inversions which, of course you don't have to do. Expect this series to grow and expand over time. I'm not teaching these classes live because of my ever changing schedule, but I do try to start most days with 20mins of Yoga so this is part of that commitment to both myself and to you.

Don't Miss The mini Cardio Power Challenge This June

Join me for the first 3 weeks in June for only 20mins, starting Friday 2nd June at lunchtime.

I've been keen to work on my cardio fitness, particularly so that I can jump higher while skateboarding and have more power and endurance whilst in tough yoga or pole classes and also to keep my heart nice and healthy. I have committed to 3 x 20min workouts for the first 3 Friday's in June that will mimic Pilates HIIT. This class is suitable for all, you can hop off the bus at any time, and would be ideal if you want a friday lunchtime energy booster ahead of yoru weekend, or if you want to gift yourself with some heart-healthy cardio that could be the catalyst for your next healthy habit. It's a great way to get a bit of cardio into your week and one thing is for sure, 20minutes is over before you know it, so the hardest part, as always, is simply pitching up and committing the time to yourself.


  • Start: Friday 2nd June

  • Time: 1pm if you're in NL or RSA, 12PM if you're in Ireland

  • Duration : 20mins

  • Intensity: Mixed to high intensity

  • Type: Cardio & Bodyweight strength training

NEW Hamstring Physio Rehab Series

Strengthen your hammies to prevent and rehab minor strains

Whether you're looking for preventative exercises to do to keep you strong for running and cutting sports like football, netball and hockey, or you're looking to rehab low grade hamstring niggles, this is the series for you. Rehabbing and strengthening an area should take 3-4 days of your week to see meaningful results if you're coming back from a minor injury, however for prevention and in-season maintenance once per week is great. This series is designed to follow the evidence based Aspetar hamstring rehabilitation protocol that. is used by high quality physios all over the world to rehab athletes. Get it today to take your hamstrings to the next level.

Put in your requests for new content and series and I'll create it for you!

What Pilates / Yoga / Physio Series Do You Want?

  • Physio Pilates for ankle rehabilitation series

  • Physio Pilates for knee pain series

  • More varieties of Yoga

  • More varieties of Pilates

I'd love to hear from you and find out what you're looking for to add to your movement routine. Vote on the poll below or send me a quick email to let me know what you'd like to see more of.

Thanks for reading my post!


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