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What To Expect & How To Enjoy Online Classes

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

Taking the first step to booking an online movement class may be intimidating, so here are a few basics on what to expect and how to get the most from the experience. Watch my short video to illustrate all the points I've outlined below.

1. First, and this can be daunting, you'll have to embrace a few bits and pieces of technology. You'll need to book into class via my website here (I use MindBody as a booking system) and then sign up to Zoom. Bookings for classes close 30 mins before class, but it's good to book in earlier. This time limit is to allow me to make sure I am set up and ready to teach a good class and have all the links sent out to everyone in time. About 15-20 mins before class I will send out a unique zoom link for you to use to book into class. The virtual world can be frustrating, so give yourself time. Where there is a will, there is a way.

2. Make sure to set up your workout area a good few minutes before the start of class. Make sure it is safe and has no trip hazards or sharp corners to bump into. Set up your device (with it charged) and login to Zoom so that you don't have to turn your head to the side when watching the live stream.

3. It's really helpful to us teachers when you're on time for class, because if you're late, or have an issue logging in, we won't be able to help you once class has started. Because, well, we're working.

4. A big part of the class is being able to listen well to instruction, especially when you may have to turn away from the screen. I suggest connecting your device that you're using to stream to some speakers (bluetooth portable speakers work well so that you can workout outside with good sound).

5. We will exercise the whole body in most classes, but it's important that you book into a class that suitable for you. If you're not experienced, then perhaps commit to one or two privates before you join the group which is quite strong.

6. We do have chats before and after class, but there is no pressure for you to have your video on, or to talk. The aim of these classes is to connect to your body but also to stay connected to one another. If you're not sure about which class is right for you, pop me an email at See you on the mat!

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