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4 Simple Life-Savers That Keep Me On Track

Self starting is as tough today as it's ever been. Motivation for self-care can often wane in the wake of stress, work, home life, sickness and constant digital distraction. Even with the whole world seemingly one click away, somehow, some days it's just so hard to find the time or the energy to fit in a workout, a full skincare regime, to pick the perfect outfit or reply to all of our loved ones' well-meaning messages. Here are 4 small lifesavers that have kept me somewhat on track with the things that keep me feeling human.

Time management & planning

Not the sexiest heading in the world, but possibly the most important especially if you're rehabbing an injury. Set yourself up for success by planning ahead as best you can using your diary or calendar. I know things change, but I also know for a fact that most of my strongest clients plan and book their weekly workouts in advance by at least a week or two. Of course you will need to adapt to uncertainty, but unless life dishes you out a real shiner of a week, all you need to do is follow your plan, show up and workout.

Find Balance: don't fall into the Boom Bust Cycle

I've always loved the saying 'slow and steady wins the race.' It has taken me 6 years to build up the strength and body-awareness that I have now. There has never been one quick fix that has ever given me results and I have never benefitted in the long term from doing crazy intense workouts every day of the week. The Boom Bust cycle is a term used in physiotherapy often associated with rehabbing injury and pain. In short, it's when we overdo things in a short space of time or ignore proper form and end up sore and injured afterwards. Don't do all the classes, don't punish yourself with guilt. Just try to commit to 2-3 sessions per week and keep them consistent, even if all 3 of them are stretch classes, sometimes less is more.

Get outside

One thing I love about Irish culture is that even if it's pouring down, people will still be outdoors for a walk or a run. Daily time outdoors is crucial (this doesn't have to be a 5 hour hike) but even a 15 minute stroll before work or after work can be wonderful to dust off the cobwebs. This is a non-negotiable especially if you're working from home.

Here are a few of my favourite places to go walkies, please suggest any that you might know of in the comments below:

- Killiney Hill

- Devil's Glen

- Deputy's Pass (Wicklow)

- Ticknock Forest

- Fairy Castle

- Hellfire Club

- Bray to Greystones cliff walk (with a burrito from Burrito Box afterwards)

Dip into the sea

Again, you don't have to swim an iron man distance to reap the benefits of the cold. Initially, it'll be a dip in and out as you adapt to the stark contrast in temperature. The cold sea swim has been a thing long before Instagram made it cool and it will be long after and your body will thank you for it. There is so much science promoting the health benefits of breathing and adapting to cold water it really is amazing for the immune system. We are blessed to have the Irish sea on our doorstep, so pack your togs and go for it! I know I may be preaching to the converted here, but in short:

This is me before a cold dip

This is me after a cold dip

I'll say it again, as I've said before, no one can do the work for you. You have to show up consistently, kick ass and slowly but surely you'll reap the rewards.

Now login to your account & plan your classes for the week and I'll see you soon on the mat!

Peace and love,


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