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De-stress With Desk Relief & Live Sound Escapes

Ebb & flow is the rhythm of all life. As much as we push, we also need to pull, as much as we open up, we also need to turn inward, reflect and be still. With that said, I would like to invite you all to immerse yourself in the calm, restorative & healing power of Desk Relief, the latest 3 part series that fuses gentle movement with breathtaking sound - now live for all subscribers at Freedom Physio On Demand.

I couldn't be prouder to announce this really special project, as I write this I can feel a touch of teary emotion brewing because it really was created with love for those of you working long hours from home. The best way to enjoy this series is with a good set of speakers and zero distractions. Commit to 30 minutes of - me time - as many times per week as possible. This series is meant to be done regularly, not as a once off, so immerse yourself in the best habit you will ever make.

I was fortunate enough to produce this series in collaboration with my brother - a professional musician, music producer and sound engineer - who founded Asylum Studios in South Africa - if you're looking for sound that will inspire definitely get in touch with him. Special thanks to my husband Julien Nel who was my tech guru during production.

Inviting You To Live Restorative Sound Escapes This Friday on Facebook Live.

See you on the mat,


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