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February Bookings Are Open & New Drop In Rate

Dear Pilates Family,

January is over and just like that, the year is accelerating ahead at a noteworthy pace. If you're like me, you might be becoming aware of your routine, gaps in your calendar and areas where you might be able to become a touch more strategic about your needs, and what goals you might have for your physical body.

Thursday Morning Live Class (with recording)

If you're free on a Thursday morning (7am Dublin) and want to start your day with a healthy dose of movement in the live, virtual company of others from around the world, then make sure to book into my early morning Thursday class that's open to book via the link right here. It's even easier than ever now that my single class drop-in price is now only €6,50 . After each class, I send out the Zoom recording link to all of my subscribers with active memberships.

On-Demand Virtual Workout Library

Over the past 2 years I've curated and taught over 100 physio-led workouts ranging from super high intensity (jelly-leg-inducing) classes to nurturing beginners and desk relief classes that are perfect to restore your body and mind. You can access the entire HD video workout library with ALL of my pricing plans. If you buy access to the virtual library, you will also have booking access to my live classes. Use my basic search functionality to find the perfect class for you depending on your level of fitness and experience. The purpose of this subscription is to help you to commit to a personal practice from anywhere at all, a practice that enhances your physical ability, and allows you to excel at the things you love.

Commit to Private Pilates & Physio Online

If you're looking to rid yourself of a niggle and ready to put in the time, dedication and commitment that it takes to work on rehabbing an issue, then look no further. I have a few morning sessions that are open for booking right away via the link here. These sessions are best booked in sets of 2-4 (because results don't happen in one week). Commitment is the name of the game here, so book in if you're ready to walk a journey with me and ready to put in extra exercise into your weekly routine. I can guarantee that I will be there with you every step of the way to guide you and push you and work with you, Don't click the book button if you're not ready to really commit to yourself and your rehabilitation on a weekly basis, seriously. Get in touch if you're keen to find out more or simply book in and I'll see you on the mat soon!

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