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New Summer Classes - Now Live

Dear Subscribers, I have been whipping up a beautiful storm of new content that is now available for you to enjoy on the subscription platform. My body feels great after recording all these sessions and I'd love for you to feel the same. Enjoy!

Pilates Flow: Shoulders & Core L2/L3

On the L2/L3 Pilates Flow Intermediate section of the Video On Demand page you'll find 2 videos that explore shoulders and core. I would recommend these classes to anyone looking to improve upper body functionality as they provide a great foundation for how to work the shoulder girdle. If you get bitten by the upper body strength bug then check out the upper body workouts a little lower on this Pilates Flow page. It would be a great idea to follow the full thoracic spine series to really become savvy in all things twists, shoulders and core.

NEW Pilates Circuit - Bodyweight Strength Training L2/L3

Feed your inner gym bunny with these 3 60min bodyweight strengthening workouts. Each class has 4 sets of 2 exercises which are repeated and made tougher and tougher over 3 rounds. Take it all the way to beast mode by trying the third variation. Guaranteed glute-burn with these babies!

Pilates Barre Sculpt Express - 45min (L2/L3)

A 45 minute barre burner with all goodness you'd expect from a barre class neatly packed into a shorter more condensed workout. Perfect for busy holiday days. Enjoy and let me know how you get on.

NEW Prenatal Pilates - 9 Part Series

It was humbling and inspiring to teach this 9 part series for new moms to be. Each video's runtime is between 25-55 minutes long, and is broken down into 3 trimesters with 3 videos per trimester. The 9th trimester's 25minute Breath-work and Relaxation video can be enjoyed throughout your pregnancy and is perfect for the days when you need some chill-time. I have included a helpful article from the Mayo Clinic with guidelines for exercising when pregnant which should be kept in mind alongside my workouts to keep you informed and motivated on your prenatal journey.

Free Beginners Series & Desk Relief - L1

As always, my 3-part Beginners Series is free for all to enjoy once you've signed up to my website, this is a great place to start if you've been away from your mat for a while, or if you're starting out with Pilates as a newbie. Desk relief has been a lifesaver for a few of my dearest clients who have had a rough few weeks, check it out if you feel you need to unwind and untangle from the corona-coaster.

If you have any class. suggestions I'm all ears, login to comment below and stay in touch!

Virtual hugs,


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