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Start Somewhere - The Beginners Series Is Waiting For You

Wanna get your 🍑 moving, ease in gently and mindfully with physio led guidance? Then you should try my Beginners Pilates Series.

What's included in the 3 part Series

✨️3 x 30 mins Basic Beginners Classes on my Video Library✨️ ✨️Access this series and my entire video library for €5pm (cancel any time)✨️

This series is...

Perfect for absolute beginners who want to start a movement journey from scratch, or if you are confused about common cues in fitness classes but afraid to ask? Join this series and discover more about those cues that you'd like to master. I will teach you Pilates cues and give you in-depth guidance and detail to help to perfect your technique and move better both on and off the mat. This series gives you the tools to move confidently also in other group fitness classes that often don't cue optimal positioning or muscle activation.

So, welcome to the first step of a lifelong adventure into movement therapy. These 30-minute classes are designed to be taken in succession from 1-3. Check in first if you're not sure this series is appropriate for you. Every video has original music composed by @paul_m_gioia, founder of @asylumstudiosza (Get in touch for all your sound content needs).

P.S I recorded this series a while ago, at the start of the lockdown. Since then, I've changed my wardrobe and no longer live in Ireland. And I am less akward on camera... 😅 However, after rewatching this content, I can confirm that the meat and potatoes of these workouts are banging and on point!



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